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Aug. 11th, 2007

[DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND orz a drop post]


This occurs at the very end of the novel, after Tir and Gremio leave Gregminster. After this conversation Tir goes and lives with Gremio happily ever after :|b

[BASIC SET UP Leknaat has appeared out of no where when Tir was out by a campfire at the very end. Y'know. As she tends to. They got TALKING.]

'But Tir, you have forgotten one very important thing.'
'Something important?'
'That's right. You were friends with Ted when he had the rune. But your life was not taken away. Why do you think that is?'
Tir found himself unable to answer, what Lady Leknaat was saying could not be. But if so--
'Lady Leknaat...'
'My thoughts are that, because he spent a long time with it, it is likely he was able to suppress it... though you bear the rune, not much time has passed, but after some time you might also be able to suppress it. And so the wars that the Soul Eater causes will also end...'
'Then, then Lady Leknaat...!!'
'That's right. The curse has already been feared*, it's not even necessary to wander. And if it is you, one day the Soul Eater's true appearence will be revealed and the power will surely come to be able to be manipulated. Go on without being depressed, Tir. I believe in the road you travel......'

With those words said, Leknaat disappeared in a flash of light.

* I think what it means by this is that all four spells have been learnt, because if you remember, everytime someone close to Tir died, he gained a new spell.


So after translating the novels I need to note down what exactly OCCURED between the time Ted first met Tir (when he was a child), what happened that we KNOW of during the years until he met Tir 300 years later, and what happened when he killed himself for my own reference. Thank god I happen to have the SuikoIV last novel too. Even so, I bet there is sttuff I missed \o/ But this is the basics.

Jul. 4th, 2007

Hahahaha oh man I was crying while translating this and I DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE jesus christ guys I wish you could at least understand japanese so you can see why it's more touching in japanese :(b  Anyway, the very roughly translated death scene.

SO I got the Suikoden 1 novels and. It has uh. A lot of Ted.

LOT of Ted. Right now I'm just rough translating the snippets i can, so here they go! This is the snippets of the village and his death scene ones should be up sooner or later. Be warned that. This is not ALL of what's going on, just what is relevant to me. It's a lot more sadder etc when you read it all in full. This is all done in order, so try to piece together what would've gone where~ If you played the games.

Sprite Meme

OKAY SO i am realllly bored and discovered I LOVE making neat little pokemon trainer sprites for characters. So here you can request one for one (1) of your characters. Please state whether you want them to have a pokeball or not :|b

For examples of what I've done, here: ChidoriTed Gwen  Seimei Chisame  and other's that I'm too lazy to upload |D

Tarot Card meme

You scored as XVI: The Tower. If badly aspected this can be the worst card of the Tarot deck. The Tower always indicates upheavel, possibly chaos, loss and destruction. Its effects are never pleasant and can be painful. The card illustrates lightning striking the Tower. The lightning cannot be avoided, the destruction it brings is inevitable. All we can do is attempt to survive and rebuild. The Tower brings sudden, severe change. When the Tower appears in a Tarot spread it represents sudden and possibly violent change, disruption or loss.

XVI: The Tower


XIII: Death


II - The High Priestess


XI: Justice


VI: The Lovers


XV: The Devil


I - Magician


0 - The Fool


VIII - Strength


XIX: The Sun


III - The Empress


IV - The Emperor


X - Wheel of Fortune


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